Uphill adventure's worth the effort

BRAG-WORTHY CLIMB: An early-morning hike up Broga Hill - near Semenyih, Selangor - might prove arduous, but the experience will be worth it.


    May 18, 2015

    Uphill adventure's worth the effort

    OVER the weekend, you could have stayed up to watch the whole season of Suits and sleep in the next day.

    Instead, you slept early the night before (after packing your knapsack with hiking essentials) just so that you could wake up to the sound of your alarm at 4am.

    You had to keep yourself awake throughout the one-hour drive to Semenyih, Selangor. At the same time, you were hoping to spot cars going in the same direction just to convince yourself that you were sane when you made the decision to climb Broga Hill.

    Weekends mean time off from work, when you can wake up slightly later than usual before going to the nasi kandar shop with your family to have teh tarik and thosai. And there's plenty of time to flip through the newspaper before heading home to get started on some household chores and probably watch a movie on YouTube.

    Instead, you chose to have a quick light meal of bread which you had prepared the night before (and quickly munched on during the car ride). Then you had to bear the weight of a knapsack filled with light snacks and a mineral-water bottle while following people who were busy shining their torches to find their way in the darkness.

    Plus, you had to constantly hear the motivational words "just 10 more minutes" from the same hikers who were so infuriatingly polite. And then you wondered why there were so many "10 more minutes"!

    You also got both your hands scratched while holding on to tree roots just to maintain your balance while going up the steep trail. And you had to take up that challenge of using a harder route, which requires upper body strength to pull yourself up a big rock using a rope.

    This was because you did not want an "ordinary" photo of yourself with those signboards at the peak but, rather, a photo of you doing pseudo "rock climbing" on Broga Hill.

    Still, you had no choice but to call out to that stranger at the top to help pull you up when you could no longer hold on to that darn rope. Finally, you reached the top to take a wefie with the family.

    On your way down, you could see there were still many who were only making their way up around 7.30am and you couldn't help feeling a tinge of pride for having climbed a brag-worthy hill.

    So, was it all worth it? Yes - even though you had to bear the muscle strain and body aches the next day. Enough to motivate the whole family to join you for a climb up Mount Kinabalu next.