Unleash your potential with these tips

DRIVEN: Bolt is the world's fastest man over 100m, but he


    Aug 18, 2015

    Unleash your potential with these tips

    F EW successful people got to where they are today on their first try.

    Success means different things to people. Nevertheless, there is one universal goal in achieving success: accomplishing the aims you have set for yourself.

    Achieving those goals will not happen by doing the same thing over and over, expecting different results.

    According to scientist Albert Einstein, that is a symptom of insanity. So what should you do instead?

    You could assess yourself.

    Only you will truly know your own potential and how far you should push yourself.

    You will also have the opportunity to figure out which methods suit you best, and what you want to improve on:


    If you are not where you should be or want to be, think about what is "blocking" you from getting there. Then think again. Are you really stuck in that position, or is it all in your mind?

    An ant comes across a rock. That does not mean the ant's path is blocked. It can walk around the rock or climb over it.

    There are always solutions to solve whatever dilemmas you might have. There are always ways to improve.

    Usain Bolt is the current world record holder for the 100m sprint. But that is not it for him - he still has to push himself to keep or improve his time.

    Other runners such as fellow Jamaican runner Yohan Blake are also trying to better the benchmark set by Bolt.

    Whatever it is you are doing, try doing it even better. The bar is yours to define, set and raise.


    Role models are people (real or fictional) whom you look up to. Positive role models inspire you to make constructive changes or improvements to your life. They set the standards which you should aspire to reach, and it is from them that you gain knowledge.

    Remember that you will always be your own person. But if there is someone who inspires you, by all means, take heed of lessons that you can learn from them.

    An example: I admire author J. K. Rowling for her endless and unparalleled creativity, her vivid writing and her perseverance in getting her often-rejected, now-beloved manuscript about a boy wizard (Harry Potter, anyone?) published.

    While I would not want to copy Rowling's work, there are lots of things I would like to take from her writing, especially the way she creates compelling stories and characters so real that they seem to morph right in front of you from the page.

    Do you have a role model? Do you think you are emulating them in the right way?


    If you are looking for improvement but cannot seem to get anywhere, it might not be because you cannot improve, but that you are not learning the "right" way.

    There are several ways of learning. You might like to learn by reading and writing, which is what you might have been taught.

    However, you could also draw pictures or mindmaps, associate what you have learnt with sounds, songs or other audio cues, or physically carry out the act instead of watching from the sidelines.

    It is all about what you prefer. If you do not know what your preferred learning style is, try a few out and see what suits you best.