Feb 23, 2016

    Types of unwarranted behaviour


    Belittling remarks that undermine your integrity, or lies that put your sense of judgment into question.

    Deliberately ignoring you or failing to respond or reply to your questions or inquiries.

    Attacking your personal beliefs, lifestyle and preferences; creating rumours that sully your character, such as saying you are "mentally disturbed".

    Shouting and yelling at you, making threats to sack you, insulting your lifestyle and publicly humiliating you.

    Use of offensive or abusive language; spying or stalking you; and harassing you when you are off-duty, such as on the weekends.

    Making inappropriate sexual advances, suggestive glances and offensive gestures at you during work.


    Giving you unrealistic deadlines or unachievable tasks and assigning you too much work which would set you up for failure.

    Asking you to do meaningless tasks, undermining your credibility on the job and ridiculing you in front of clients and colleagues.

    Withholding and concealing important work-related information, and failing to reply to messages or return calls.

    Undervaluing your contribution and failure to give you credit where it is due, or taking credit for your work.

    Giving you work that is below your level of competence, or demoting you unreasonably.

    Denying leave, ignoring your views, changing work targets at the last minute without prior notice.

    Failure to provide enough training or resources and denying you an opportunity for growth within the company in an unfair way.