May 26, 2016

    TVB to challenge fine for KFC segment in show


    TELEVISION Broadcasting (TVB), Hong Kong's largest television station, has vowed to challenge in court a fine by the city's communications watchdog for having illegally advertised for Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) during an awards ceremony last year.

    Objecting to the HK$150,000 (S$27,000) fine imposed by Communications Authority (CA), TVB claimed that the ruling was "unreasonable and erroneous", and conflicted with an earlier one concerning Pizza Hut in another programme, Ming Pao Daily News reported.

    According to CA, it had received 15 complaints from the public on the KFC logo printed on boxes and cups being shown in close-up or medium-range shots as food from the chain was served to artists during the live broadcast of the TV Awards Presentation 2015 in December.

    The insertion of the one-minute segment showing dressed-up artists eating fried chicken from KFC, a product sponsor of the gala, was uncalled for. It also contradicted editorial need and interfered with viewing pleasure, Headline Daily quoted CA as saying.

    This constitutes a violation of the TV Programme Code and the TV Advertising Code, added CA.

    As for the Pizza Hut case TVB cited on Tuesday night, CA said the logo of the chain, a product sponsor of the TVB 48th Anniversary Gala that aired in November, was captured only briefly in medium- and long-distance shots during the programme.

    There were no inconsistencies in the two rulings, CA stressed, adding that it regrets TVB's wish to bring the KFC case to court.