Feb 01, 2016

    Trump outshines Bieber and West on Twitter


    NOT only is billionaire Donald Trump outpolling the rest of the Republican presidential field, the former reality TV star has also charged ahead of megastars Justin Bieber and Kanye West for celebrity mentions on social media, according to new data from the past month.

    Mr Trump has raked in nearly 13.5 million Twitter mentions since Dec 30, according to SocialFlow, a social media publishing platform. This put the real estate developer well ahead of virtually every major celebrity in the United States, including Bieber who brought in roughly eight million, West with 6.2 million and Rihanna with 5.7 million.

    Mr Trump's Twitter account (@realDonaldTrump) has more than 5.9 million followers.

    "If Trump gets elected, there is no doubt in my mind Kanye replaces him in 2020," tweeted Peick (@andrewpeick) on Friday.

    Guess Who?! (@Vase-) on Friday tweeted: "Donald Trump is the new Justin Bieber."

    Mr Trump has also proved his social media clout over his fellow Republican candidates.

    During Thursday's Republican presidential debate, the business tycoon commanded 36 per cent of the Twitter traffic, according to data provided by the social media site.

    That was far more than his competitors on the main stage, even though he did not attend the debate.

    His dominance of social media was not constant, however. On Wednesday, West's Twitter beef with fellow rapper Wiz Khalifa put his one-day mentions over Mr Trump's.

    Even the late rock star David Bowie was a social media hero, just for one day. The day after he died, Twitter mentions of him outpaced those of The Donald on Jan 11.