Triple tragedy for Super Junior's Lee Teuk

BIG BLOW: Lee Teuk's father was said to have killed his Alzheimer's-stricken grandparents, then committed suicide.


    Jan 08, 2014

    Triple tragedy for Super Junior's Lee Teuk


    LEE Teuk, a member of K-pop boy band Super Junior, is mourning the deaths of his father and grandparents.

    His family members were found dead at his home in Sindaebang-dong, south-western Seoul, on Monday morning. Police are investigating the cause of death.

    Some media outlets have speculated that the boy-band member's father killed his grandparents, then committed suicide.

    Lee Teuk's father has reportedly had a difficult life taking care of his grandparents, who suffered from dementia.

    On hearing of the tragedy, the 30-year-old singer-songwriter-actor - who is serving a mandatory military stint - rushed to a hospital in Seoul, where their funerals will be held.

    He is receiving visitors with his sister and preparing for the funerals.

    Sources familiar with the situation said the singer's father got divorced several years ago, and had suffered from deep depression while supporting his parents by himself.

    The police said they found what seemed to be a suicide note, which read: "I am taking them with me."

    The police are looking into medical records to confirm that he was suffering from depression.

    Friends and fellow singers sent messages of condolences through social media.

    2AM's Jo Kwon tweeted: "Please stay strong... May the deceased rest in peace."

    Lee Teuk's real name is Park Jeong Su.