Toyota Corolla Altis not so boring after all



    Jan 26, 2015

    Toyota Corolla Altis not so boring after all

    THE Toyota Corolla Altis has emerged as the Best Family Saloon at the fourth ST-Torque Awards on Friday, which honoured the best cars of last year.

    Torque's January issue noted that the classic Japanese-Thai bread-and-butter car for ordinary Singaporeans "now comes with a dollop of kaya, making the basic mode of Toyota transport sweeter than before".

    Said the motoring magazine's consulting editor Christopher Tan: "For the longest time, the Corolla has been the world's most boring saloon.

    "But the latest model changes that - not radically, but enough to make people who have previously dismissed the car to take notice. And that's an achievement."

    The Straits Times Car Of The Year 2014 accolade went to the BMW i3.

    Torque said that besides getting "shockingly good grades in our economy/efficiency exam, the i3 also did well in the subjects of performance and styling".