Oct 10, 2016

    Too much OT drove Japanese, 24, to suicide


    THE suicide of a female employee of major Japanese advertising agency Dentsu in December has been recognised as related to work, it was learnt last week.

    The recognition for Matsuri Takahashi, then 24, was made on Sept 30 by a labour standards inspection office in Tokyo's Minato Ward, according to a report by Jiji Press.

    The family's lawyer said at a press conference that the Tokyo Labour Bureau found the death of Matsuri, who jumped from her dormitory on Dec 25, to be death by overwork.

    Records showed she clocked 130 hours of overtime in October and 99 hours in November with constant late nights and work on what should have been her days off, the Sankei Shimbun reported.

    According to her family and a lawyer, Takahashi started working at Dentsu in April last year and was assigned to a job related to Internet advertising in June.

    After becoming a full employee in October, she often worked more than 70 overtime hours per month, far longer than the limit set under a labour-management agreement.

    On her Twitter account, she started posting comments in October last year that suggested an intention to kill herself.

    On Dec 25, she committed suicide by jumping from a corporate dormitory.

    At a news conference, her mother lamented that her daughter will never return despite the recognition of her death as having been work-related.

    Dentsu said it is taking the death of the employee seriously.