'Too good', so Affleck banned from blackjack

ANY GAME BUT... Double Oscar winner Affleck was stopped while playing blackjack at the Hard Rock Casino in Las Vegas. He was told he could play other games.


    May 05, 2014

    'Too good', so Affleck banned from blackjack


    ACTOR Ben Affleck was banned from playing blackjack at a Las Vegas casino because he was "too good", a source close to the Oscar winner said on Friday.

    Affleck, 41, was stopped earlier last week by security guards at the Hard Rock Casino in Las Vegas while playing blackjack, the source said. He was told he could play other games at the casino.

    The actor, who won Oscars for co-writing 1997's Good Will Hunting and producing 2012's Argo, starred in last year's crime thriller, Runner Runner, where he played an online gambling tycoon.

    The actor was on a short break in Las Vegas with his wife, Jennifer Garner, before he left to shoot Zack Snyder's upcoming Man Of Steel sequel, where he will play Batman opposite Henry Cavill's Superman.

    An earlier story by celebrity news outlet said Affleck had been banned for life from the casino for counting cards, a method of using probability to predict the next hand.

    Affleck has had a history of gambling for high stakes, and won US$800,000 at the same casino in 2001. He gave away more than US$100,000 in tips after that.

    But he also once lost US$400,000 to Universal Studios president Ron Meyer in a game that also involved Leonardo DiCaprio, Matt Damon and Tobey Maguire.

    In 2004, Affleck won the California State Poker Championship.