Jul 11, 2016

    Tips for caregivers

    SAM Roberts, counsellor at Olive Branch Counselling Services, shares tips for caring for those with mental illness.

    Educate yourself about the illness. Not knowing how the illness functions can create misconceptions and prevent loved ones from getting

    the right help.

    Setting lower or reasonable expectations and fine-tuning them once a week or even lesser will help the recovery

    of the loved one.

    Reach out for external support groups. Support groups help to normalise experiences and facilitate

    the exchange of ideas about managing the loved one.

    Establish equality. Don't single out your loved one as the sick one. Instead, establish some kind of equality of what is expected

    of everyone in the household so they too can voice their concerns and contribute

    to creating solutions.

    Encourage your loved ones. It takes enormous courage to return to normal life after being hospitalised and still battle some of the symptoms daily and stay in recovery.

    Do not refuse help.

    In doing so, you are in a

    much better position to

    help and give again.

    Respond with patience

    and understanding. Your actions can influence

    your loved ones' recovery.

    Be positive. Often remind your loved one that with continued treatment,

    recovery is possible.