Thoughtful gifts for the avid traveller

QUICK WASH: The Scrubba Wash Bag is ideal for modern nomads, or backpackers, who often do not have access to washing machines. PHOTO:
Thoughtful gifts for the avid traveller

A CUPPA ON THE GO: The Minipresso GR is a portable espresso maker that fits in a pocket and requires neither electricity nor batteries to function.
Thoughtful gifts for the avid traveller

THE DRINK CARRIER: Easily transport up to six bottles of water, soft drinks or milk in the 6-Bottle Bike Bag, which sits well on a bicycle without leaving scratches.
Thoughtful gifts for the avid traveller

WOMEN'S BEST FRIEND: The sleek and circular Mark and Graham's Travel Jewellery Case features multiple layers to safely store earrings, bracelets, necklaces and other jewellery in transit.
Thoughtful gifts for the avid traveller

FOR SNAP-HAPPY PEOPLE: Photojojo's magnetic lenses
Thoughtful gifts for the avid traveller

AN ARTIST SPEAKS THROUGH FOOD: Featuring more than 50 recipes interspersed with still lifes, photographs and delightful tales, Dinner With Jackson Pollock is perfect for the foodie traveller and the art lover.


    Dec 23, 2015

    Thoughtful gifts for the avid traveller

    THE festive season is upon us and that means it's time to choose gifts that will delight those who receive them. Even if it's not for Christmas, there are birthdays and other special occasions to consider.

    But what should you get for your travel enthusiast family member or friend?

    Here are some gift ideas for travellers:


    For the modern nomads, a round-the-world air ticket to six continents sits at the top of their bucket list.

    You can help out by presenting them with the Scrubba Wash Bag (US$49.95 or S$70).

    Backpackers usually spend long periods on the road and sometimes go off the grid. As they can't bring their washing machines with them, their clothes tend to stink until they reach civilisation.

    Not any more, though, thanks to this handy "magic" wash bag, which promises to help them stay cleaner and, presumably, healthier.

    Simply place the dirty, sweaty and smelly clothes in the bag, add some warm water and detergent, lock the bag, rub it for 15 minutes and, hey presto, you have clean clothes for the road.

    Check it out at



    The Minipresso GR portable espresso maker (US$59) is a brilliant travel mate for the camper and coffeephile on the go.

    This tiny device fits in a pocket and features an in-built cup. Compact as it is simple, the espresso maker does not need electricity or batteries. Instead, it relies on the user pumping it to brew a strong cuppa.

    Get it at, although delays in deliveries can be expected during the holiday season.


    People jump into the saddle for different reasons. If the bicycle is the new pub to your friend, the 6-Bottle Bike Bag (US$72.99) is a brilliant gift. Perfect for holding bottles of water, soft drinks or milk, the bike bag is sturdy and waterproof, comes in snappy colours and sits well without leaving scratches on the bike.

    Get one for your bike buddy and one for yourself from



    Mark and Graham's Travel Jewellery Case (US$59, price in Singapore dollars jumps considerably, though) will quickly become a woman's best friend on the road.

    This sleek, circular zippered case has multiple layers to safely store earrings, bracelets, necklaces and other jewellery in transit.

    Made of a durable and flexible vegan material with a soft linen lining, it features multiple layers to hold jewellery, keeping them safe and contained while travelling.

    Get it at


    Dinner With Jackson Pollock is a great book for both the foodie and art buff.

    Pollock, a painter, might be recognised for his artwork but is perhaps less known as a gardener, baker and dinner-party host.

    From starters and entrees to side dishes, breads and desserts, Dinner With Jackson Pollock features more than 50 recipes collected from Pollock, his wife, artist Lee Krasner, his mother, Stella, and their many friends in the town of Springs on Long Island.

    They're interspersed with Pollock's masterpieces, still lifes of the Pollock-Krasner home and beautiful photographs of each delectable recipe, plus delightful tales from the family and friends.

    This truly unique and insightful portrait of a great American artist is available at for US$40.35.


    Armed with a smartphone and Wi-Fi connectivity, this traveller likes to blog about his travels on social media.

    A set of Photojojo's magnetic lens series can turn a smartphone into a fancy camera. It doesn't mean you can ditch your DSLR camera but it's a handy option to have.

    The collection has six lenses - from telephoto to fisheye - and each lens is made out of solid aluminium and fitted with thick, high-clarity glass.

    It's the perfect present for the snap-happy traveller.

    There are several options to choose from, including buying individual lenses (US$20 each) and the whole set (US$99).

    Find the lenses at