Dec 04, 2015

    Thornton, Hurt to star in Amazon's legal drama Trial


    AMAZON announced on Wednesday that it had commissioned a new legal drama series called Trial starring Oscar winners Billy Bob Thornton and William Hurt, which would broadcast next year. The original series will air on Amazon's Prime Video service in Austria, Britain, Germany, Japan and the United States next year, the online retail giant said.

    The show is written by David Kelley, the award-winning creator of Ally McBeal and The Practice, and Jonathan Shapiro, producer of The Practice. Trial will be "the ultimate David versus Goliath battle fought in the 21st-century American legal system," Amazon said.

    The series follows a down-and-out lawyer, played by Thornton, who seeks redemption in a legal system "where truth has become a commodity, and the scales of justice have never been more heavily weighed towards the rich and powerful", the company announced.

    The show will be available to stream through the Amazon Video app for TV, connected devices and mobile devices, or online. The Internet and portable electronic devices are redefining the essence of what television is, and have completely revolutionised audience expectations at the same time.

    Viewers now want to watch TV shows not at a fixed time imposed by schedulers, but where and when they want, by Video on Demand or streaming on their television, computer, tablet or smartphone.

    Amazon has already launched a string of original series, including 2013 comedy Alpha House, as well as The Cosmopolitans, Mozart In The Jungle and Transparent. Transparent, which tells the story of a transgender father and his family, was crowned best comedy series at the Golden Globes this year, a first for an online series.