Tatum reveals Magic Mike live show in Vegas next year

STRIP-SHOW: Tatum announced the franchise's plan for a live show next year in a two-minute video clip uploaded on Facebook.


    May 06, 2016

    Tatum reveals Magic Mike live show in Vegas next year


    MAGIC Mike, the male-stripper franchise that has spawned two Hollywood hits in recent years, will be going live.

    Its star, Channing Tatum, is inviting fans to join him for a show at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas in March next year.

    In a humorous two-minute clip uploaded on Facebook, the Magic Mike star, who was a real life stripper before he turned to acting, took viewers on a brief tour of "his home", before announcing the franchise's plan for a live adaptation next year.

    "I was thinking," Tatum said as he walked in the video, "what's the next step for Magic Mike? 2D? We've done it twice. 3D? 3D hasn't been cool since Avatar. Virtual reality? I don't know."

    The 36-year-old continued his tour of the mansion, which also featured some of the show's chiselled performers holding some adorable puppies.

    "God knows we have enough gentlemen clubs in the world," Tatum playfully said.

    "So let's start the first gentle-ladies club - or, maybe not so gentle. Depends on what you're into."

    Fans will also get a say on how they want the live performances to play out, according to the video.

    "Leave your comments and let us know what you want and we're going to create it for you," Tatum said.

    Tickets for the much awaited strip-show will be available soon, according to its official website,