Aug 23, 2016

    Taiwan doctors treat Pokemon Go injuries


    HOSPITALS have reported a significant increase in tendinitis patients following the launch of Pokemon Go in Taiwan.

    According to local doctors, playing the game for sustained periods of time can lead to a number of injuries, most notably neck and back stiffness, stenosing tenosynovitis and trigger fingers.

    The doctors recommended that Pokemon Go enthusiasts take a rest and relax their fingers and neck after playing for more than 30 minutes.

    If they do not pause, they risk developing degenerative arthritis and intervertebral disc protrusion, doctors said.

    One patient reported a sore neck and back and the inability to move his fingers.

    The doctor found that the man was a heavy smartphone user. The stress on his neck and fingers from sustained smartphone use led to stenosing tenosynovitis.

    Wan Fang Hospital rehabilitation division's Cheng Yu-hsuan said the release of Pokemon Go has led to an increase in hospital visits.

    Some patients could not move their fingers because it was too painful. Others were unable to report to work because their shoulders were too stiff.

    Dr Cheng said patients whom he treated for Pokemon Go-related injuries were frequently addicted to computer games and heavy users of computers.

    He added that some patients bent their fingers for prolonged periods of time, causing damage to the flexor tendons and annular ligament inflammation and preventing them from straightening their arms.

    According to Dr Cheng, some players' fingers would tremble when attempts were made to straighten them.