Stretch out at our yoga event

WARRIOR POSE: This move strengthens and stretches the shoulders, arms, back and legs.


    Aug 04, 2015

    Stretch out at our yoga event

    IF YOU are looking to unwind after work but cannot decide between yoga or pilates, why not consider yogalates instead?

    You can try out this fusion workout at My Paper's upcoming inaugural mass yoga event later this month, which is suitable for both beginners and those experienced in yoga.

    Yoga promotes flexibility, balance and stamina. Pilates focuses on strengthening the abdominal muscles.

    Yogalates melds the two. So in moves such as the boat pose, you balance on your bottom with torso and outstretched legs in a V shape. This combines both the flexibility of yoga as well as the building of abdominal muscles from pilates.

    This pose will be demonstrated at the My Paper/Marigold HL Yogaspiration event, to be held on Aug 20 between 6pm and 10pm at The Lawn@Marina Bay.

    If you are new to yoga, not to worry. Instructors at the event will suggest simpler variations of more difficult poses for beginners. Advanced poses will also be available for those experienced in yoga.

    Certified instructors from True Yoga will lead participants on the 13,000 sq m lawn in yogalates as well as moon salutations. The latter is a series of relaxing yoga poses recommended to be performed in the evening or at night.

    Hosted by Kiss92 DJ Maddy Barber, Yogaspiration will feature moon salutations poses such as the warrior pose. The pose involves bending the right leg at 90 degrees and stretching the other leg out backwards, with the arms stretched up. This strengthens and stretches the shoulders, arms, back and legs.

    Participants will be provided with yoga mats, water and towels, and can follow the instructors' movements on projector screens.

    In between workouts, you can enjoy performances by local musicians such as duo Jack & Rai, as well as check out food and drinks sold at stalls set up for the event.

    You can register for Yogaspiration at for $25. Each participant will get two goodie bags with items such as a Marigold cooler bag, MegRhythm Steam Eye Masks and Bio-Essence Miracle Bio Water.

    Yogaspiration is happening on Aug 20 between 6pm and 10pm at The Lawn@Marina Bay. For more details,