Statham promises action- packed Mechanic sequel

BANG FOR YOUR BUCK: Statham dives back into action as assassin Bishop. He reckons thrill-seekers will get their money's worth with his film's "big set-pieces" and "good locations".


    Aug 25, 2016

    Statham promises action- packed Mechanic sequel


    JASON Statham, Jessica Alba and Tommy Lee Jones join forces for action movie Mechanic: Resurrection, a sequel to the 2011 thriller about an elite hitman.

    Statham reprises his role as the lead character Arthur Bishop, and promises fans plenty of action.

    "People pay their money and they want to be entertained," he said at the film's Los Angeles premiere on Monday.

    "If you are a fan of action movies, I think you will get your money's worth out of this.

    "It has big set-pieces, good locations."

    The 2011 Mechanic attracted mixed audience reviews.

    But it grossed US$62 million (S$84 million) worldwide, according to the Box Office Mojo website.


    Mechanic: Resurrection hits

    Singapore cinemas next Thursday.