May 27, 2016

    Spotify slashes price of family plan

    SPOTIFY has upgraded its family plan to match that of Apple Music, which means it now allows up to six Premium users per family for $14.98 a month.

    The new plan is a huge step up from the previous family plan, where you had to pay $29.90 per month for five users. This worked out to $5.98 for each person, compared to just under $2.50 with the new plan.

    Big families will benefit the most from the new plan.

    Under the old plan, users had to pay an extra $5 per month for every additional user. For instance, couples started out at $14.85 month but the monthly fee goes up to $19.90 for families of three, and up to $29.90 for five.

    Existing family plan subscribers will be automatically upgraded to the new plan and will likely see a lower bill the following month.

    The new fee scheme is being rolled out globally and local customers can already sign up.