S'pore among 6 places to publish Kim's maths guide

BOOK SMARTS: Kim was a former dentistry student at Seoul National University.


    Apr 21, 2016

    S'pore among 6 places to publish Kim's maths guide


    WHAT happens when K-pop and K-drama team up with Korean education? A book on easy ways to learn mathematics.

    Penned by singer-turned-actor Kim Jeong Hoon, the book is slated to be published in six Asian regions - China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore and Malaysia - in their respective native languages, Kim's agency Mars Entertainment announced on Tuesday.

    Major Chinese publisher Posts & Telecom Press has confirmed that it intends to produce 5,000 copies nationwide.

    A major Taiwanese publisher will be churning out 1,200 copies, the agency said in a press release.

    The book, titled Kim Jeong Hoon's Maths Essay, had already been published in Korea in January.

    A former student of dentistry at the prestigious Seoul National University before he dropped out to pursue a career in entertainment, Kim wrote the book to help people who are intimidated by numbers or have given up on maths to learn the subject more easily, the agency added.

    While rights to books like photo albums have often been sold abroad, this is the first time the rights to a maths essay are being exported, according to industry officials.

    Kim is currently starring in Chinese TV drama God Of War, Zhao Yun on Hunan TV alongside Girls' Generation member Yoona.