Sorry 2NE1 fans, group not returning any time soon

YOU'LL HAVE TO WAIT: CL has been preparing for her US solo debut, Sandara Park has been focusing on acting, Minzy recently opened her own dance studio and Park Bom is still taking time for self-reflection.


    Oct 07, 2015

    Sorry 2NE1 fans, group not returning any time soon


    MANY fans have been curious about the current status of K-pop girl group 2NE1's members. But a comeback doesn't appear to be imminent.

    After dropping their second EP, Crush, in February last year, 2NE1's members have not made many public appearances as a group, focusing on their individual activities.

    The group's leader, CL, entered the United States music industry and has been preparing for her solo debut there after signing with SB Projects, founded by Scooter Braun, and whose clients include Justin Bieber, Psy and Carly Rae Jepsen.

    CL, 25, has drawn wide attention from the overseas media, including Billboard and The Guardian.

    "I hope my US debut gives inspiration to other K-pop singers. There are no Asian artists sincerely continuing their musical career in the US since Psy. So I wish to represent Asian female singers in the US music market," said CL in an earlier interview.

    2NE1 member Sandara Park has been focusing on acting, starring in the Web drama We Broke Up and Missing Korea. Park will also co-host the new JTBC show 2 U Project: Searching For Sugarman with top master of ceremonies Yoo Jae Suk, to air this month.

    Minzy recently opened her own dance studio Millennium Dance Academy in Yangcheon-gu. It has no relation to her agency, YG Entertainment. She is aiming to train and foster new skilled dancers.

    Park Bom is still taking time for self-reflection after getting caught by Customs at the Incheon International Airport in 2010 while trying to smuggle drugs into South Korea. Although amphetamine purchases are legal in the US, they are banned in South Korea.

    But the prosecution suspended the case. The news was reported by a local daily in June last year.

    On Park's return to the music scene, YG Entertainment chief executive Yang Hyun Suk said: "This is a sensitive issue to talk about, but I honestly think she needs more time to look back on herself."

    Speaking at a press conference after boy band iKON's concert on Saturday, he also said that "we don't have plans for 2NE1's comeback right now".

    He added that there was "a lot to say" and explain, but if the public thinks the drug scandal was a problem, "then it is her (Park's) problem".

    Some of the issues raised regarding the scandal at the time were false accusations, said Mr Yang.