Apr 08, 2016

    Sony unveils h.ear go - world's smallest hi-res speaker


    SONY has unveiled the world's smallest portable hi-resolution wireless speaker.

    The h.ear go, comprising two 35mm full-range speakers, weighs only 790g. It was launched in Seoul on Tuesday.

    Loaded with dual tweeters, as well as dual passive radiators at the front and the back, the speaker offers high quality full sound despite its compact size. And the battery life is a whopping 12 hours.

    Two other gadgets launched on the same day include the h.ear on Wireless NC, a noise-cancelling ear phone, and the h.ear in Wireless, a wireless headset.

    All three models feature Sony's own audio coding technology for transmitting high-resolution audio wirelessly, which is about three times the data rate of conventional Bluetooth technology.

    The h.ear line-up, which debuted last year, come in vibrant shades of viridian blue, Bordeaux pink, cinnabar red, lime yellow and charcoal black.

    "With the expansion of the Bluetooth audio device market, consumer demands are also getting diversified, not just on portability but also on sound quality and design," said Sony South Korea managing director Osamu Morimoto.

    South Korea is one of the fast-growing markets for wireless headsets and speakers.

    This year, the market size is estimated to reach almost 150 billion won (S$175.5 million).