Song supports Song with coffee and snacks

CARE PACKAGE: Actress Song sent the truck to support her buddy and Descendants Of The Sun co-star Song (both pictured) on the set of Battleship Island.


    Aug 24, 2016

    Song supports Song with coffee and snacks


    ACTRESS Song Hye Kyo dispatched a coffee truck to feed actor Song Joong Ki and the rest of the crew working on Battleship Island, an upcoming historical film.

    The actress sent the snacks and coffee to show her support for Song as he takes on the lead role.

    The stars have been friends since they featured in Descendants Of The Sun, which aired from February to April on KBS.

    The show was a monster hit both in South Korea and the region.

    A crew member of Battleship Island told local media outlets that actress Song sent a truck carrying snacks and drinks for the movie crew, who were filming in scorching heat in Gangwon province.

    The vehicle was decked out with a banner that said "Cheers to Song Joong Ki and the rest of the Battleship Island crew".

    The actress has also shown a strong camaraderie with the Descendants crew even after the drama ended.

    For instance, she flew all the way to Chengdu in China to appear as a guest at Song's fan meeting in June.

    She also sent a coffee truck to deliver goodies to Yoo Jong Seon, who was one of the producers for Descendants.

    Yoo's crew were producing a one-act play called Red Teacher.

    Battleship Island is slated for release next year.

    The movie is set in the early 1900s when Korea was deprived of its national sovereignty by Japan.

    Song plays the role of Park Moo Young, an independence activist who infiltrates his way into Hashima, a Japanese island, to save Koreans who are enslaved there.

    The film reflects the harsh lives of Korean conscripted civilians on the island who were forced to work under brutal treatment and conditions.

    Song had surprised his fans by saying in an interview with local media outlets that he would lose weight and shave his head for his role.