Song returns to war in Battleship Island film

FREEDOM FIGHTER: Descendants Of The Sun star Song will play a Korean Liberation Army soldier in the movie.


    Apr 05, 2016

    Song returns to war in Battleship Island film


    ACTOR Song Joong Ki, who stars in the blockbuster drama Descendants Of The Sun, will be returning to the silver screen.

    He will play a soldier in director Ryoo Seung Wan's upcoming film, Battleship Island.

    The story revolves around 400 Koreans who were taken to Battleship Island - also known as Hashima Island - to carry out forced labour during the Japanese colonial era. They then desperately try to escape from the island.

    Song's movie role recalls the character he plays in the popular ongoing TV series, in which he stars as a special forces captain who falls in love with a volunteer doctor.

    The KBS 2 TV drama, which premiered on Feb 24, is on its way to overtake the 40 per cent viewership mark that no other show has been able to attain in four years, data from Nielsen Korea showed yesterday.

    In the upcoming movie, Song takes on a more rugged role of a soldier in the Korean Liberation Army fighting for independence from Japan.

    He sneaks into the island to extricate a key person in the independence movement.

    It will be filmed on the premises of a former US Army camp in Chuncheon.

    Film-maker R&K and the public land development office of Chuncheon, Gangwon Province, signed the lease on March 30 for the land to be used for making the movie.

    The film company will set up a 6,600 sq m site before shooting begins at the end of next month.