May 18, 2016

    Song dynasty memo sold for $43 million


    A NOTE written by famous Chinese scholar-official Zeng Gong during the northern Song dynasty (AD 960 - AD 1127) was auctioned off yet again for a staggering sum - this time netting 207 million yuan (S$43.4 million). It was acquired by Chinese media mogul Wang Zhongjun, Chinese media reported.

    Mr Wang, 56, who heads Huayi Brothers film production company, took away the 124-character note on Sunday when he phoned in his bid to the China Guardian Auction event held in Beijing, reported Beijing Times.

    The note was written by Zeng around AD 1080, in which he thanked the addressee for being a helpful friend but also aired his discontent for being trapped in a "redundant" post far from the capital.

    It set a record in 2009 for Chinese calligraphic artefacts when a Belgian couple clinched it at another auction at 108 million yuan.

    The record is now held by a scroll by Huang Tingjian, which was auctioned off for 390 million yuan in 2010.