Apr 26, 2016

    Six career conversation questions

    People today want to chart their own careers - but they need continual feedback. Here are the six questions to bear in mind when initiating that career chat.

    1. Who am I?

    A discovery session looking at what an employee wants to achieve and where he currently fits in your organisation.

    2. What is expected of me?

    Using specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-bound or Smart goals to plan a development path.

    S: State what the employee is responsible for;

    M: Explain how he will be assessed;

    A: Make the goals challenging but attainable;

    R: Focus on business needs, how his role fits in and how he will be enabled to develop; and

    T: Link the goals to a time frame.

    3. What and how should I develop?

    Address his questions on individual development.

    4. How am I doing?

    Have an ongoing evaluation process about his performance.

    5. How will I be recognised?

    Develop and inform him of a customised motivation and reward programme.

    6. What's next?

    Look at what's next in the career journey and give the employee a specific goal to aim for.