May 23, 2016

    Singer Tomita slashed over 20 times by male fan


    MAYU Tomita, a Japanese idol singer who was once part of pop quintet Secret Girls, was slashed more than 20 times by a male fan before an indoor concert in Tokyo.

    He had purportedly lost his head after she rejected the gifts he sent her, the Japanese media reported.

    The 20-year-old, whose heart and lungs stopped at one point after the attack on Saturday, remained unconscious in a Tokyo hospital as of last night, reported Japan's Daily News Online entertainment website.

    An unemployed man, Tomohiro Iwazaki, 27, was arrested at the entrance to the basement of the building where the concert featuring four solo singers and a group was to be held at 7pm, reported Sankei Shimbun.

    Iwazaki had ambushed Ms Tomita there at about 5pm. Eyewitnesses said he stayed at the scene and told police when they arrived: "That's right. I did it."

    Angry Japanese netizens dug up embittered Twitter posts that he had sent Ms Tomita prior to the attack.

    In one post, he ranted at the singer: "Are you human at all?"

    In another, he told her "to return all the 'junks' to me", adding "you are so very rude to the sender".