Shedding light on the Dark Side

MASKED MENACE: Star Wars: The Force Awakens, is due here on Dec 17. Details of its villains, such as Kylo Ren (pictured), have been released.


    Aug 14, 2015

    Shedding light on the Dark Side


    THE Dark Side is front and centre in the latest images of villains from Star Wars: The Force Awakens, the highly anticipated next chapter in the blockbuster space saga due later this year.

    Entertainment Weekly on Wednesday released several photos of baddies Kylo Ren (Adam Driver from Girls), Captain Phasma (Game Of Thrones star Gwendoline Christie) and General Hux (British actor Domhnall Gleeson).

    The Hollywood industry magazine also revealed some origin stories about the characters, who will appear for the first time in Episode VII of the mega-franchise, due in Singapore on Dec 17.

    Kylo Ren is allied with the First Order, a remnant of the Empire, and his appearance seems heavily influenced by Darth Vader - he is clad in black and wears a mask.

    He is seen flanked by Stormtroopers and striding through the ruins of a ransacked village on the planet Jakku.

    Kylo Ren is not even his real name - he adopted it when he joined the Knights of Ren, said director J. J. Abrams, the brains behind both the new Star Wars film and a highly successful Star Trek reboot.

    "He is not your prototypical moustache-twirling bad guy," Abrams told the magazine. "He is a little bit more complex than that, and it was a great joy to work with Adam Driver on this role."

    The article hints that his parents are perhaps characters already known in Star Wars mythology.

    Screenwriter Lawrence Kasdan noted: "I've written four Star Wars movies now, and there's never been a character quite like the one that Adam plays."

    Also included in the magazine's film preview are images of the black-clad General Hux, a ruthless leader of the First Order played by Gleeson, who played Bill Weasley in the last two Harry Potter films.

    And Captain Phasma, a First Order warrior, is shown clad in full armour.

    Lucasfilm and its parent company Disney have offered a slow drop of information about the film, tantalising the millions of fans eagerly awaiting a return to the Star Wars universe.