Jun 15, 2016

    Shanghai Disneyland opens its gates with 3-day celebration

    A THREE-DAY grand opening for Shanghai Disneyland kicked off yesterday, with a Chinese version of the Broadway musical The Lion King.

    A two-hour opening show today will feature Chinese actress Sun Li, pianist Lang Lang and former NBA player Yao Ming.

    The park will then be open to the public tomorrow - from noon to 10pm.

    Tickets for the opening day are sold out.

    But one can still get tickets from June 17 to Sept 30, which are priced at 370 to 499 yuan (S$76 - 102) for peak periods.

    The opening comes after a six-week trial which identified several areas for improvement. On top of the list is the long wait for rides - some stood in line for three hours.

    The park now issues fast passes for visitors but it is likely to cap the number of visitors allowed in daily.

    Unruly behaviour was another complaint. To that end, the Shanghai government has issued an etiquette guide warning visitors not to litter, damage plants, jump queue or lie on the grass.

    Visitors can explore the biggest Disney Castle in the world which houses six "lands": Adventure Isle, Gardens of Imagination, Mickey Avenue, Tomorrowland, Treasure Cove and Fantasyland.