Securing your mobilephone data with apps


    Sep 18, 2015

    Securing your mobilephone data with apps

    WITH smartphones becoming more indispensable in our lives, they have also proven to be attractive targets for cybercrooks.

    Our phones have become repositories of vital data, which in the hands of hackers, can reap them a lot of money at our expense - think of scams and hacks.

    Here are a few of the best security apps to guard your data against malicious attacks and theft:








    Named after the three-headed dog that guards the entrance to the underworld, Cerberus offers three-pronged protection for your mobile phone.

    If your handset gets stolen, you will be able to remotely control your phone from both the desktop site and from another phone via SMS and wipe your device's data, if needed.

    Furthermore, the app will send you automatic e-mail or SMS notifications to alert you to activity on your missing device, such as when a SIM card is changed. And in addition to comprehensive location tracking, it will even e-mail you a photo of the thief if a wrong unlock code is entered.


    Price: Free

    Category: Tools

    Platform: Android

    360 Security is an anti-virus app that doubles as a speed booster to help optimise your background apps, memory space and junk files.

    It has consistently achieved one of the highest detection rates among tested security apps, and its real-time scanner works to safeguard your device from malware, spyware and other infections.

    In addition, it can detect and address system vulnerabilities to beef up the security of your phone. Apps and local Android application package (APK) files are scanned and the installation process is monitored for any unwanted malicious activity, so you can be assured that you have not installed a backdoor into your phone.


    Price: $5.98 for iOS, $6.68 for Android, free for Windows phone

    Category: Productivity

    Platform: iOS, Android, Windows Phone

    Security experts will tell you to use a different password or PIN for every account. But with so many accounts to secure, it can often be a struggle to keep track of all the usernames and passwords to your bank accounts as well as e-mail and social media accounts. oneSafe is a password manager app that aims to help you securely organise your log-in credentials.

    It features AES-256 encryption to secure your data against attacks, as well as e-mail and device back-up functions to guard against data loss.

    The app is also quite intuitive to use, with categories to help you organise your information, a built-in password generator to create strong passwords, and Dropbox integration to sync across multiple devices.


    Price: Free

    Category: Communication

    Platform: Android

    RedPhone helps secure the most basic - and perhaps most overlooked - function of your phone by giving you free, end-to-end encryption for your calls worldwide.

    The app is quite hassle-free as it works with your regular phone number. In addition, you can bypass voice call charges because the app works over a Wi-Fi connection or your data plan.

    RedPhone uses an encryption protocol called ZRTP, and you can now make calls, with the assurance that no one is listening in, provided the other party has the app installed too.


    Price: Free

    Category: Tools

    Platforms: Android

    What if you want to share pictures of your vacation with acquaintances, but do not want them seeing your more private photos?

    Enter AppLock, a privacy app that allows you to store private pictures and videos in Photo and Video Vaults.

    On top of that, it protects individual apps with passwords or patterns, so individual app data remains secure from snooping eyes or the prying fingers of young children. You also gain protection of sensitive areas of your phone's user interface like System settings, and can even customise the password prompt screen with your background of choice.


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