A sandwich like no other

THE SANDWICH COUPLE: Food-loving Danish couple Hoffman and Henriksen set up Gaest cafe in Tanjong Pagar, specialising in smorrebrods, or Scandinavian open-faced sandwiches, late last year.
A sandwich like no other

XMAS FARE: The roasted pork sandwich ($13) boasts slabs of crackling, juicy meat.
A sandwich like no other

SEDUCTIVE: The vegetarian salt-boiled potato sandwich ($12) is unforgettable.


    Feb 03, 2014

    A sandwich like no other

    LET'S talk about sandwiches.

    When was the last time you had a sandwich so wonderful, you couldn't stop thinking about it afterwards and you knew you had met a special sandwich, after a lifetime of having sandwiches for convenience?

    Gaest, a tiny Danish cafe in Tanjong Pagar, is the gateway to such momentous encounters with smorrebrods, or Scandinavian open-faced sandwiches.

    At the shop they set up late last year, a food-loving Danish couple, economist Stinne Hoffman, 29, and geographer Kim Blangsted Henriksen, 34, are dedicated to serving up sandwiches that are fresh, perky and luscious.

    Rye and sourdough loaves are baked on-site for the sandwiches (choose between open-faced, rye-based and closed, sourdough-based). In the roasted pork sandwich ($13), the slabs of crackling, juicy meat are unmistakeably fresh from the oven.

    The dish is a Danish Christmas standard, traditionally topped with red sauerkraut.

    The couple's version is more modern, though, using a vitalising coleslaw of orange-marinated red cabbage, parsley and red apple that is typical of their "vegetables are delicious and addictive" approach to cooking.

    Their roasted chicken breast sandwich ($13), layered with lemon-marinated celery, green apple, pea tendrils and herb cream, is a rich medley of bright, snappy flavours.

    Their smoked salmon sandwich ($14) is mellower, playing the saltiness of salmon against the sweetness of beetroot pickled with apple in honey.

    The salt-boiled potato sandwich ($12) is unforgettable. The vegetarian dish might seem dull on paper (potato, watercress, blah blah blah). But on the plate, laced with lemon-marinated leek and perfumed with a full-bodied blend of rye crunch, hazelnut crunch and smoked mayonnaise, it is one seductive sandwich.

    Gaest, 01-01 The Clift, 21 McCallum Street, tel: 6634-0922, open Mondays to Saturdays, 7.30am to 7.30pm