Sandra Bullock goes political in Our Brand Is Crisis

SPIN DOCTOR: Bullock at the movie's premiere in Hollywood on Monday. She plays a political strategist for a presidential candidate.


    Oct 29, 2015

    Sandra Bullock goes political in Our Brand Is Crisis


    ACADEMY Award winner Sandra Bullock plays a political spin doctor in satirical comedy Our Brand Is Crisis, taking a look at the tactics of election campaigns.

    The Hollywood actress portrays political strategist Jane Bodine, who is coaxed out of a self-imposed retirement to help boost the campaign of a Bolivian presidential candidate struggling in the election polls.

    "Politics has always been a comedy/tragedy," Bullock said at the film's premiere in Los Angeles on Monday night. "I think now the curtain has just been pulled back and everyone gets to see it. It has always been the same. You can't write stories like this based on pure fiction. This is based on absolute reality."

    Spurring Bodine's decision is the opportunity to beat her rival, Pat Candy - played by fellow Oscar winner Billy Bob Thornton - who is with the opposition.

    Said Bullock: "The (film's) message - yes politics as a backdrop, but it is more about consequences, big business, how far is too far. When you start harming others for power and extreme wealth, eventually you have to get off the carousel."

    "Who is going to grow a conscience and who is going to say enough money is enough money? It is more about big business than it is about politics. But politics made a fun backdrop because it is so real and in your face."

    Bullock's Gravity co-star George Clooney is a producer on the film, which was directed by David Gordon Green, known for Pineapple Express.


    Our Brand Is Crisis opens in Singapore soon.