Samsung's new batteries boost for wearables

THIN AND FLEXIBLE: Samsung's battery prototype Stripe, a 0.3mm strip, can be used to make wearables like smart necklaces.


    Oct 30, 2015

    Samsung's new batteries boost for wearables

    SAMSUNG showcased two new prototype thin and flexible batteries at the InterBattery 2015 exhibition in Seoul last week that could represent a major breakthrough in mobile and wearable battery technology.

    The first prototype is called Band and is meant to be attached to smartwatch straps to add as much as 50 per cent of the device's original battery life.

    A second prototype, called Stripe, is an extremely thin 0.3mm strip that could be used to create wearables of different form factors, such as smart necklaces and headbands, or even interactive clothing designs. According to Samsung, it has a much higher energy density than current comparable batteries.

    Samsung says that the new battery technology could be ready for commercial applications from as early as 2017.