Dec 04, 2015

    Samsung patent shows bendable, foldable, rollable smartphone designs

    KOREAN electronics giant Samsung showed off flexible Oled displays more than two years ago and it seems that it could be bringing them into more consumer devices with its latest patent application.

    According to tech patent news site Patently Mobile, Samsung filed a patent application earlier last month to the United States Patent Office which reveals some interesting smartphone concepts.

    For a start, Samsung has plans for a smartphone which can be used in two states - rolled and unrolled. The user can grab one end of the device and roll out the flexible display on the other. This flexible display can be Oled or LCD with a plastic film.

    The second concept calls for a Samsung Galaxy Note Edge-like design. It is a foldable phone in which the phone is not folded evenly in half but is instead folded off-centre to leave one tab exposed on the left side. This tab, like the curved edge of the Note Edge, gives easy access to one's favourite apps. If the user unfolds the phone, it will reveal the icons for the rest of the apps.

    Perhaps the most interesting concept is the bendable smartphone, where the device can be bent to a certain degree. Patently Mobile also noticed that the Samsung designers added an iPod icon as one of the apps on the display.

    In June this year, tech news site SamMobile reported that Samsung is in the early stages of developing smartphones with foldable displays. The project is codenamed Valley and the first consumer devices from it could hit the market next year.