Sammi and Andy Hui engaged, not married

BETROTHED: Cantopop couple Hui and Cheng's manager said that Cheng finally agreed to marry Hui when he proposed on her birthday.


    Dec 27, 2013

    Sammi and Andy Hui engaged, not married


    CANTOPOP couple Sammi Cheng and Andy Hui have got engaged, not married, said their manager.

    On Tuesday, the manager said that Hui finally got Cheng to agree to marry him when he proposed on her birthday, Aug 19, and that the two families travelled to Bali to celebrate the engagement, reported Sing Tao Daily.

    The manager said: "As their manager, I have seen them experience so much, and for them to end up together - I really hadn't expected Sammi to finally accept."

    The confirmation of the engagement came after Apple Daily said the couple held a secret wedding in Bali last month.

    The couple's manager said: "Let's wait for them to make the announcement for when the wedding and the banquet will be held."

    The couple first got together in 1991 after recording a duet. They kept their romance low-key and Hui did not talk about their relationship till 2001. They split in 2004, but, in a fan's dream come true, Cheng and Hui got back together in 2011.

    After they resumed their relationship, he proposed at least six times, but she did not accept, said Apple Daily.