Runaway horse seen on Kelantan highway

NEED FOR STEED: In two videos uploaded to Mr Adli's Facebook account, a runaway horse is seen galloping in Kelantan on Sunday morning. He said the animal ran for some 10km.


    Jun 21, 2016

    Runaway horse seen on Kelantan highway


    AFTER Chickaboo, the runaway ostrich that became an Internet sensation and made headlines, social media is now abuzz with a video of an escaped horse racing down a highway in Kelantan.

    A dark-brown horse was seen majestically galloping unbridled in Kota Baru on Sunday morning, seeming to pay little heed to passing motorists.

    Two videos lasting less than a minute were uploaded on the Facebook account of Adli Alimin.

    In a matter of hours, the videos received thousands of shares.

    According to Mr Adli, he was on his way to the office at 10am when he came across the speedy steed.

    "The horse was running on the street for some 45 minutes. Based on the information I received, it ran from Pasir Pekan in Wakaf Baru to Kubang Kerian," he said.

    That is a pretty amazing feat as the distance between the two locations is some 10km.

    "The traffic stopped at the flyover from Pasir Pekan to Kota Baru. The horse was right in front of us so we had to be cautious not to hit it because we didn't know how it will react.

    "It kept (zigzagging) so we were worried for its safety," Mr Adli said.

    He believed the horse's escape was an accident and was certain that its owner must be looking for it.

    "Usually, we see cows or goats but this is the first time I've seen a horse (on the street)," he added.

    It is still a mystery as to what spurred the horse to run away.

    There are a number of horse stables in Pasir Pekan.

    It is unsure if this was a genuine escape or a copycat attempt to emulate celebrity ostrich Chickaboo, which gained fame after tearing down the Federal Highway in Kuala Lumpur on Thursday.