Real-world and fantasy terror in Cage's new flick

EVERY PARENT'S WORST NIGHTMARE: Cage (left) plays a father whose son goes missing in Pay The Ghost.


    Sep 28, 2015

    Real-world and fantasy terror in Cage's new flick

    OSCAR-WINNING actor Nicolas Cage (The Frozen Ground, 2013) is back, this time in a new horror flick, Pay The Ghost.

    In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Cage said that two elements he responded to in the film were "the emotional horror of every parent's worst nightmare" - losing a child - and "having to access another dimension to pull one's son back from the supernatural realm".

    "I had not really seen those two elements together before and that's why I wanted to make the movie," he said.

    In Pay The Ghost, Cage plays a father who believes his son went missing during a Halloween carnival due to otherworldly reasons.

    Directed by German film-maker Uli Edel (The Mists Of Avalon, 2001), it also stars Sarah Wayne Callies of The Walking Dead fame, who plays Cage's estranged wife. The film opens on Oct 8.