Apr 28, 2016

    Prince didn't make will, says sister in court filing


    PRINCE'S sister said on Tuesday that the pop icon left behind no will as she sought an administrator to oversee one of the most legendary estates in the music world.

    The court filing by Tyka Nelson showed a desire for an orderly process after the sudden death of Prince, who was estimated to be worth hundreds of millions of dollars and kept vaults with an untold number of unreleased songs.

    Ms Nelson, in a petition to a court in Carver County, Minnesota, said Prince was survived by no spouse, children or parents.

    She is his only surviving full sibling but there are five surviving half-siblings who were all listed as heirs.

    "I do not know of the existence of a will and have no reason to believe that the decedent executed testamentary documents in any form," she wrote.

    Prince died on April 21 at age 57.

    Authorities conducted an autopsy before his private cremation on Saturday but they are not expected to release the results for several weeks.