Jun 19, 2015

    Pink hair's all the rage among K-pop stars


    PINK hair is having its heyday in the K-pop industry, which has long been known for its bright and attention-grabbing fashion choices.

    No hair colour is off-limits in K-pop, but pink appears to be an especially popular colour, with singers recently seen sporting hairdos ranging from marshmallow pink to fuchsia shades.

    Vogue magazine in South Korea is also proclaiming that pink hair is " 'in' this summer", with a feature slated to be published in its July issue.

    The cover stars on Vogue's next issue are Big Bang members G-Dragon and Taeyang, who can be seen following the trend.

    Both stars showcased their carmine red and neon pink hairstyles, respectively, in the group's recent music videos Bang Bang Bang and We Like 2 Party.

    Another popular K-pop group, Girls' Generation, also saw a member recently dye her bob hairstyle a colour termed "ash pink" by some observers.

    Sooyoung's recent colour swop from brown follows that of other groupmates in the past - Sunny dyed her bob in gradated pink shades two years ago.

    In another girl group, Red Velvet, at least two members have ventured into pink-hair territory.

    Joy currently sports a strawberry blonde long hairstyle verging on light pink. Her groupmate Irene dyed the bottom half of her long hair fuchsia last summer.

    Around the same time, rapper P.O. from boy group Block B also opted for fuschia hair dye when his group showcased their fourth EP.

    And in yet another K-pop girl group, Miss A, Jia sported a completely fuchsia hairdo in 2010 when the quartet debuted.