Jul 07, 2016

    Phone zombies film lacks novel's brains

    CELL (NC16)

    Horror/97 minutes/Opens today

    Rating: 2/5

    THE intelligence of Stephen King's 2006 novel is missing here.

    Despite boasting cast members like John Cusack and Samuel L. Jackson, this film adaptation does not feel like it was based on the novel.

    It seems more like a half-hearted zombie flick for the tech-savvy generation.

    A mysterious signal turns mobile-phone users into murderous zombies.

    Amid the chaos, Clay (Cusack) is determined to return to his son and teams up with Tom (Jackson) in an attempt to survive.

    The theme of human enslavement to technology is still there but Cell does not dive any further - besides the occasional reminder about the prevalence of telecommunication devices.

    It seems to be building up to a brilliant revelation but the ending is simply bizarre.