Perry's a winner at Super Bowl half-time show



    Feb 03, 2015

    Perry's a winner at Super Bowl half-time show


    SINGER Katy Perry dazzled at Sunday's Super Bowl half-time show in a dizzying performance that featured dancing sharks, a prowling metallic lion and a levitating star that shot sparkles into the Arizona night.

    The Super Bowl is the wildly popular annual championship game of the National Football League (NFL) in the United States, and its half-time shows have come to include dazzling musical performances by renowned artists.

    This year, the honour went to Perry, who entered the University of Phoenix Stadium field in Glendale, Arizona, riding a huge, fiery-eyed lion as she sang her mega-hit Roar.

    The 30-year-old star performed a brief duet with rock legend Lenny Kravitz, and the pair sang I Kissed A Girl - one of her first big hits in 2008 - during a brief but raunchy performance.

    Another surprise guest was Missy Elliott, who made a foggy entrance to sing a few of her hits including Get Ur Freak On and Work It. The newly-svelte rap diva's high-energy number Lose Control was a crowd pleaser.

    The enthusiastic crowd cheered during a slightly bizarre segment that saw Perry perform on a desert island set, complete with palm trees and dancers dressed up to look like goofy sharks or beach balls as she sang California Gurls.

    The Super Bowl's half-time show has become a must-see event in the middle of the NFL's championship extravaganza. Half-time performances generate massive ratings and sometimes unexpected controversy, such as when Janet Jackson inadvertently suffered a "wardrobe malfunction" that saw much of her breast exposed in 2004, or Prince's 2007 show that featured a strangely shaped guitar that cast a phallus-shaped shadow.

    Perry's 12½-minute performance did not appear to generate any such controversy and the reaction on social media appeared overwhelmingly positive, with netizens praising her live singing, her dancers and her three quick costume changes.

    For her grand finale, Perry executed a spectacular rendition of her hit Firework, climbing onto a star-shaped platform and elevated above the football field. As she cruised around the stadium, fireworks burst around her to enthusiastic cheers and applause from the crowd.