Jun 30, 2016

    To packs 90 minutes of mayhem in hospital

    Three (NC16)

    Crime-thriller/88 minutes/

    Opens today

    Rating 4/5

    MAVERICK Hong Kong director Johnnie To likes keeping things short and sweet.

    Three, his new genre-bending flick, reminds us of his best works Throwdown (2004) and Sparrow (2008), in the same way that it packs stunning visuals and dazzling cinematography into

    90 minutes.

    Three characters - neurosurgeon Tong (Vicki Zhao), police inspector Chen (Louis Koo) and crazed robber Shun (Wallace Chung) - cross paths amid the hustle and bustle of an emergency room.

    The hospital's pristine sanctuary swiftly explodes into a battleground of

    stress and strife.

    Featuring a Mozart riff

    that sticks in your head

    and a surreal, slow-mo shootout climax, Three

    boasts amazing sights

    and sounds to behold.