Over-ear headset is music to the ears
Over-ear headset is music to the ears


    Apr 04, 2014

    Over-ear headset is music to the ears


    B&O audio products are known for good design, high-quality finish and excellent sound quality.

    Its latest BeoPlay H6 headphones uphold this reputation. The earcups are well-crafted, with high-quality cowhide leather and lambskin padding.

    Of the dozens of over-ear headphones I have tried over the years, it is easily the most comfortable headset I have experienced - not too tight; just close enough to the ear to seal off ambient noise.

    And even after an hour or two of use, the ears do not feel hot despite the earcups pressing against them. The earcups can be removed with a twist - like one does with a bottle cap.

    One would notice that the bass port and drivers are angled for the optimal distance and sound direction into the ear.

    The H6 is designed like studio headphones to get clean and neutral sound. The aim is to hear music the way the artist intended it to be. One should not expect the heavy bass and emphasised trebles that other commercial headsets tend to go for.

    At $648, it is an expensive headset to use for iTunes-type music. A CD or even the SACD format may be a more commensurate way to get the best out of it.

    How much:

    $648, available in black and natural leather