Aug 10, 2016

    North Korea reopens zoo after a major revamp


    THE Central Zoo in Pyongyang recently reopened after remodelling works which began in late 2014.

    It now includes a Nature Museum.

    A report from Yonhap New Agency, quoting the country's official Korean Central News Agency (KCNA), stated that more than 40 animal pens

    had been built for reptiles, monkeys and

    other wild animals to match the surrounding scenery at the zoo.

    The museum, said KCNA, covers more than 35,000 sq m, and is a modern mass educational and science research centre as well as a

    leisure complex.

    The museum has a Space Hall, Paleozoic Era Hall, Mesozoic Era Hall, Cenozoic Era Hall, Animals Hall, Plants Hall, Gifts Hall, E-Library

    and Sci-tech Disseminating Room, it said.

    There is a video that showed the grand opening by state officials - and was provided to Reuters

    by the state news agency of North Korea and cannot be independently verified.

    The central zoo, in Mount Taesong in

    North Korea's capital, was built in 1959 and

    has been a major attraction for the locals.

    Remodelling work began on the order of

    leader Kim Jong Un.

    According to Lonely Planet, the zoo is "worth

    a visit for the opportunity to see locals enjoying themselves in an informal setting".