No need to fear all-female cast

HILARIOUS: The four leading ladies inject a different comedy from the boyish humour that marked the original in 1984.


    Jul 21, 2016

    No need to fear all-female cast


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    Rating: 3/5

    I'M TERRIFIED to admit it

    but I actually enjoy Ghostbusters.

    Netizens have slimed

    this all-female incarnation since its trailer was released earlier this year.

    I admit it looked pretty terrible. But once Wiig, McCarthy, McKinnon and Jones appear on screen,

    it becomes clear that the preview did not adequately capture the film's comedic flair.

    Ghostbusters is pretty funny. You don't laugh

    at all the jokes, but you

    laugh at enough of them

    to have a good time.

    The four leading ladies are brilliantly cast, with Wiig leading the team like the veteran comic she is.

    Under Feig's direction,

    they inject a different kind

    of comedy from the boyish humour of the original

    1984 film.

    But unless fans expect a carbon copy of the original, this isn't a bad thing.

    Even franchise fans have enough to enjoy, as Ghostbusters is more than generous with its cameos.

    Not to mention, the film is certainly empowering for women to watch.

    It does not explicitly discuss gender, as if there's nothing surprising about brainy women wielding guns and battling the supernatural.

    For this, it deserves

    an extra thumbs up.

    Then, there's Hemsworth's hilarious but painfully accurate gender spin on

    the pretty but airheaded receptionist.

    At the end, the Ghostbusters appropriately proclaim: "It's not terrible

    at all."

    That's true. It really isn't.