Feb 03, 2016

    No more alien hero in China remake of K-drama

    THE alien protagonist in Korean TV drama My Love From Another Star is to drop his otherworldly identity in a Chinese remake, according to Chinese media outlets.

    In the original version, Do Min Joon, played by actor Kim Soo Hyun, is an alien from another planet. The last episode ended with Do returning to Earth and living happily ever after with the female protagonist, Cheon Song Yi.

    The Chinese version, which is set to air on Anhui TV, is said to have a change in the character's identity.

    Do will become a novelist with supernatural powers.

    As a result, the ending of the drama will reveal that the story was a novel written by Do.

    The change may seem quite big as Do's superpowers are central to the drama.

    The original production team, HB Entertainment, said: "The editing is out of our hands as we have partly given them copyright permission.

    "But there won't be much to shift around or change as the drama given to them is identical to what was aired in Korea."

    The reason behind the modification seems to be the Chinese officials' regulations over banning content related to aliens or supernatural powers on television.

    The hit TV drama My Love From Another Star was promoted to be aired as a movie in China but the plan was turned down due to various regulations.