Apr 16, 2014

    Next stop, London

    ASIA'S Next Top Model winner Sheena Liam talks about the past, present and future:

    What was the most challenging aspect of the competition?

    The eliminations were very draining for me, cos you have to stand there for a very long time and you cannot move.

    It gets easier as the numbers go down, but when there were 16 girls, you're just like: "Oh my goodness!" And after every girl, they'll reset the lighting and touch up all the judges' make-up.

    What was it like being filmed 24/7?

    It's really weird. That's why I got really quiet. When you're at home and you have your bad times, you have your angry moments or whatever, there's no camera recording you. There's no world judging you. But we were being judged on everything we did. So, I really tried to keep that in mind.

    So, what's next for you?

    I'm gonna go to London for three months, where I'll start my contract with Storm Model Management. I haven't found out when, but I hope I find out soon. And that's one of the things I'm excited about.

    I didn't join for the fame, I didn't join for the money, I didn't join for the car. I wanted to go to London and be a model. And I know, for a prestigious company like Storm London, without the show, I wouldn't have had a chance at all.

    What would you do if modelling doesn't work out?

    That's why I have (writing) as my backup. I'm gonna write, so I'm not gonna waste all my youth. I just won a short story competition for Reader's Digest. It (will be out this month), and it's a horror fiction story!

    So, when my modelling career is dying down, I'll still have a (writing) portfolio, I'll still have a job, I'll still have plenty of experience.

    Any advice to aspiring models out there?

    You're gonna be rejected, and you're gonna hear all sorts of bad things.

    People are gonna bring you down. And you're gonna have to be really thick-skinned, because you're in an industry that's based on looks.

    They're gonna tell you things very straightforward, and it's gonna be for your own good. Trust me.