Jul 25, 2016

    New TV series Star Trek Discovery to blast off in January


    US TELEVISION network CBS celebrated the 50th anniversary of Star Trek at San Diego Comic-Con on Saturday, revealing that the keenly-awaited new series is to be called Star Trek Discovery.

    The name was revealed at the end of a 76-second teaser trailer shown at the sci-fi and fantasy festival which showed a starship pulling out of its mooring inside an asteroid.

    Bryan Fuller, who started out in the 1990s writing for Deep Space Nine and Voyager, is to return as co-creator and executive producer of the new show.

    "We're telling stories in a new way. We're not so much episodic. We're going to be telling stories like a novel," he told the Comic-Con audience.

    "Non-episodic" series typically have story arcs which run across a whole season or even longer, unlike the previous five Star Trek shows, which had mainly self-contained episodes.

    The series, slated to premiere in January next year, will be the franchise's first new outing in more than a decade.