Jan 22, 2016

    New LG G5 phone to ring in design changes

    UNLIKE the Samsung Galaxy S7, the rumoured LG G5 smartphone is expected to come with a design overhaul.

    According to tech news site Android Authority, LG will be moving away from the curved design and rear button setup of the G series of phones.

    A leaked diagram of the Korean firm's upcoming G5 suggests that the volume controls will be shifted back to the side of the device although the power button - and possibly a fingerprint sensor - will stay at the rear, below the camera.

    The G5 is also expected to sport a 5.6-inch edge-to-edge Quad-HD display in a thinner, taller and wider metallic chassis.

    It is said that the G5 will measure 149.4mm long, 73.9mm wide and 8.2mm thick. LG's current G4 phone from last year measures 148.9mm long, 76.1mm wide and 6.3mm to 9.8mm thick.

    LG is reportedly launching the G5 on the same day as the Galaxy S7 next month at the Mobile World Congress 2016 trade show in Barcelona.

    Other rumoured specifications of the new LG handset include dual-displays, dual cameras, a hardware expansion slot (to plug in accessories like an external keyboard) and a modular design, in which the bottom of the phone can be removed and the battery can be taken out so that you can "slide" in a new battery.