Aug 06, 2015

    Netflix to hit Japan on Sept 2


    NETFLIX will launch its streaming television service in Japan on Sept 2, the latest stop in its mission to be a global entertainment powerhouse, it said on Tuesday.

    The company confirmed the launch date in an e-mail, after a report in the news blog Venture Beat.

    Netflix said in February that it planned to launch in Japan this year, following rollouts in Australia and New Zealand in March.

    With some 65 million subscribers in over 50 countries, Netflix has set an ambitious goal to be in 200 markets by the end of next year.

    Netflix has promised a strong selection of Japanese television shows and films for the launch, along with original content such as Marco Polo, Marvel's Daredevil and documentary Virunga.

    It planned to open a regional office in Tokyo to foster alliances with consumer electronics makers as well as creators of films and television shows.

    Earlier this year, Netflix launched in Cuba, even though only a small percentage of the population there has high-speed Internet access.

    Along with investing in supporting more languages and show libraries tailored to various markets, Netflix is making a priority of optimising its service on mobile devices since those are the main tools for accessing the Internet in emerging markets, according to the company.