Nepal out of the ruins of 2015 earthquake

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    Aug 24, 2016

    Nepal out of the ruins of 2015 earthquake


    NEPAL has been included in National Geographic Traveller magazine's Ten Places That Deserve More Travellers, in what

    could be a major boost for the country's faltering tourism industry following

    the devastating earthquake last year.

    The Britain-based popular travel publication

    has placed Nepal in the third spot among

    10 locations.

    "Although Kathmandu and Nepal

    have long attracted adventurous travellers,

    the country's April 2015 earthquake,

    which killed 8,000 and wrought about

    US$10 billion (S$13.5 billion), half of the country's GDP, in damage, decimated the country's tourism industry," it said.

    The devastating earthquake on

    April 25 last year had largely wiped out

    tourism infrastructure, heritage sites

    and trekking trails in the country.

    "While the earthquake has damaged Nepal's man-made structures, its mountain trails, including the legendary Annapurna Circuit through the snow-capped shadow

    of the Himalaya, remain accessible,"

    added National Geographic.

    Only two of Nepal's 35 listed trails

    have been amended as a result of

    earthquake damage. Last summer, all

    the Annapurna trail's bridges were

    successfully tested for safety, it noted.

    The list also highlighted trekking

    activities in the Himalayan wilderness

    and more spiritual activities like learning

    how to play the Himalayan singing bowls, which are rung before, during or after periods of Buddhist meditation.

    It also emphasised the current safety

    and accessibility of travel locations.