Neeson fails to shine in Korean film

LEAD ROLE: Lee Jung Jae plays a spy on a mission to steal seaport plans.


    Sep 15, 2016

    Neeson fails to shine in Korean film


    110 minutes / War drama

    Opens today

    Rating: 3/5

    I AM sure Hollywood star

    Liam Neeson is done with Korean films, especially when his first outing does not live up to expectations.

    Operation Chromite, set in 1950, three months after the Korean War broke out, retells a mission planned by US army general Douglas MacArthur (Neeson).

    Named X-Ray, it is fronted by Jang Hak Su (Lee Jung Jae), a South Korean spy who leads a group of volunteers to steal maps of the Incheon seaport.

    But Jang's every move is watched by evil North Korean commander Lim Gye Jin (Lee Bum Soo).

    The two Lees carry their roles well and Neeson is the weak link here.

    His character, thanks to the awkward dialogue, comes across as pretentious and soulless.

    Watch this for its firefights and battle scenes instead.